Top Ten Reasons to Mulch

10. Keeps rain or sprinklers from washing away soil.

9. Prevents spread of disease.

8. Allows soil to soak up more water.

7. Reduces the rate of water loss.

6. Insulates during winter and cools in the summer.

5. Organic mulch enriches the soil as it decays.

4. Helps to control weeds.

3. Reduces soil maintenance.

2. Dramatically improves tree/plant health.

1. Its looks great!

Materials needed to complete a mulch project:

1. Flat edge shovel –

2. Rake –

3. Plastic edging or stone –

4. Mulch –

5. Water hose –

6. Marking paint –

How to Mulch a Tree

1. Measure the desired diameter around the tree.

2. Mark with water hose, rope, marking paint, etc.

3. Use flat blade shovel to create the border.

4. Use the flat blade shovel to excavate grass. *Careful not to damage roots

5. Insert landscape edging around border and secure. *If desired

6. Apply approx. 4” layer of desired mulch.

7. Use rake to feather mulch slightly downhill and away from the tree.

8. Use hands to pull mulch away from tree base. Creating a cup at the tree base.

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